Would you Hire Me…  If I were trans?

Would you Hire Me…  If I were gay?

Would you Hire Me…  If I were non-binary?

Would you Hire Me…  If I had a disability? 

Would you Hire Me…  If I were queer?

KliQ created a browser-based interactive simulation game that allows you to step into the shoes of an LGBTI person getting ready for and going to a job interview. The game starts in the character’s home, exactly one hour before they have to leave for the job interview. It is up to you to make the choices for the character. What do they do in this hour? How do they prepare? What do they wear? How do all of these decisions influence the way they’re feeling? And what are the consequences of their choices for the interview?

The game continues in front of an inquisitive interview panel, eager to find out who they have in front of them. Again it is up to you to decide how the character replies to the jury’s questions. Do they come out as LGBTI? Do they ask for gender inclusive bathrooms? Specific insurance policies? What do the, at times slightly intrusive, questions of the panel members do to their self-esteem and confidence?

By taking on the role of an LGBTI person going to a job interview, it is possible for you to experience the stress inherent to this scenario.  While playing the game you can see different stress indicators in the side banner, the level of which changes according to the choices you make for the character. Different decisions by you lead to different outcomes of the game.

With this campaign, kliQ wants to increase awareness in potential employers and recruiters on the possible obstacles and difficulties that LGBTI people may experience when looking for a job.

The companies and organizations that signed the inclusion charter of KliQ and Vlerick Business School