Find out how inclusive your company or organization is

It is not always clear what it means to be an inclusive company or what steps you should take to become (more) inclusive.

KliQ Works developed an inclusion scan which serves as a tool to evaluate the level of inclusion in your organization. The inclusion scan is both a self-assessment tool as well as a way for KliQ Works to provide feedback and work out your individual inclusion program.

With the scan we assess companies and organizations in 7 areas:

  • Part 1: Vision, strategy and policies
  • Part 2: Leadership
  • Part 3: HR and employees
  • Part 4: Internal communication and visibility
  • Part 5: Employee diversity networks
  • Part 6: Quality assessment and monitoring
  • Part 7: External engagement

You can use the scan as a self-assessment tool and see which steps are important to take in your organization.

If you want an in-depth analysis you can become a KliQ Works member. We discuss with our members the results of the inclusion scan and compose a recommendation report and set objectives for your organization. As a member you will also receive access to our e-learning platform and get a discount on our trainings and events.

The scan was developed by KliQ, Vlerick Business School and Voka in an ESF project funded by the European Union and Vlaanderen.

Here you can download an overview of the scan in English or in Dutch.

“I am proud to lead our [email protected] program at Michael Page/Page Personnel. Working with the KliQ team has been like working with a mentor. KliQ helped us assess our current processes and tools and offered us relevant trainings, advices and tips. On top of that, it is very inspiring to see that we are part of a group of organisations, both public and private, with the same will of building an inclusive working environment.”

Elodie Picard, manager Michael Page

Our KliQ Works Inclusion Index 

With the KliQ Works Inclusion Index we celebrate the top most inclusive employers that are located in Belgium. When filling out the scan, you can choose to participate in the index and benchmark yourself against other organizations.

The KliQ Works 2018 Most Inclusive Employers – top 3

  1. Procter & Gamble
  2. Politiezone Antwerpen
  3. Agentschap Overheidspersoneel – Vlaamse Overheid

KliQ Works Most Inclusive Initiative of 2018 Award – Winner

Trainbow Belgium

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The companies and organizations that signed the inclusion charter of KliQ and Vlerick Business School