Providing specific support to your employees that are LGBT+ can be an important part of creating an inclusive workplace.

KliQ Works empowers your employees that are LGBT+ by:

  • supporting LGBT+ employee networks and the [email protected] events
  • organizing resilience trainings for employees that are LGBT+
  • assisting in starting up an LGBT+ employee network. Download the toolkit in Dutch or in English.

As a member of KliQ Works you can offer this support to your own employees. Contact us for more information.

Read more about our resilience training:

Empowering LGBT+ employees

Building an inclusive workplace that embraces diversity will contribute to a more productive and innovative company. Having empowered, happy and resilient employees will help to set these goals for your business.

LGBT+ people are all too often reduced to stereotypes by society. It goes without saying this affects the self image in a negative way which can influence performance at work (and far beyond). Therefore KliQ vzw offers a training for employees that are LGBT+, focussing on how society manages and gives meaning to prevailing norms (e.g. heteronorm, gendernorms,…). Norms are strongly connected to social power, discrimination and privileges based on one or more aspects of an identity.

Through raising self-awareness and appreciation of one’s identity and insights in these social mechanisms, we aim to empower employees that are LGBT+ in such a way they see and are able to manage the value of their identity, be themselves and develop their talents to the fullest. This way they will gain a better (mental) health, more job satisfaction and a stronger commitment and motivation to their job.

Learning goals

  • Raising knowledge on social mechanisms such as norms, privileges,…
  • Understanding of the internalization of these prevailing norms and the influence on your self image.
  • Recognizing the power of the own identity (aspects).
  • Understand and develop your own talents.
  • Raising skills on managing the visibility of your identity.
  • Understanding the value of a supportive environment.
  • Be more confident in dealing with discrimination or LGBT phobia.
  • Being empowered and proud of your sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

Duration and delivery format

The duration of this training is one day. It’s a hands-on training focused on capacity building of the participants in order to have proud and confident employees being able to understand the power of diversity at the workplace. In order to have a deep understanding of the own identity (aspects), participants are asked to reflect upon themselves by running through an e-learning module before the actual training. This innovative blended learning method will make the difference on achieving the individual learning goals.

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