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The inclusion scan, inclusion charter and some of our tools have been developed through European ESF funded projects. On this page you can read more about these projects:

The inclusive organizational culture: a place for every talent

The central challenge of this project exists in creating a toolbox that contributes to an inclusive organizational culture for all individuals involved, leaving no talent behind. A talent-focused approach can only work within an inclusive organizational culture. The toolbox’ objective is to create more inclusive workplaces and strengthen LGBT people on the Flemish job market. The script included in the toolbox will enable to use the toolbox even after the ESF-project has ended. This project focusses on trans people, LGBT people and women.

The toolbox works on different levels. We’ll be focusing on the organizational level (the level of the team) in our inclusivity audit. Based on the results of this audit, we will provide the company with tailor-made interventions. On the level of the individual, we’ll mainly be working on visibility management, awareness raising, and eliminating the unconscious bias towards LGBT-people and women.

For this project we partner with Vlerick Business School and VOKA.


The Transnational Workplace Inclusivity Project – an inclusive trajectory towards and integration in the workplace

Improving the overall situation of LGBT+ people in the workplace is the general aim of this project. It tries to accomplish this by focusing on the trajectory towards a job, and the initial integration phase of LGBT+ people, focal points that have not been getting enough attention in the past.

To reach the goal of greater inclusivity in the workplace, this project will focus on awareness raising of intermediates and confidential counselors on the specific issues LGBT+ people face. This project wants to improve services in the Flemish labour market by setting up transnational partnerships in which ‘mutual learning’ is achieved and transnational cooperation will result in an added value. After getting to know the transnational realities, we will develop a methodology -a transnational toolbox- based on the gathered expertise, and implement this in the Flemish labor market, as well as in the labor markets of our partners’ countries.

Our Flemish partners are: çavaria, Accenture, IDEWE, VDAB, ACV, VOKA, Gender Talent and Minderhedenforum

Our transnationale partners are: Workplace Pride (The Netherlands), Bilitis Foundation (Bulgaria), Prout At Work (Germany), Prague Pride (Czech Republic), RFSL (Sweden)

These projects are supported by the European Social Fund and the cooperation of the Flemish Government.


The companies and organizations that signed the inclusion charter of KliQ and Vlerick Business School