Participate with your company in The Belgian Pride

Companies that want to participate in The Belgian Pride must demonstrate that they have an inclusive policy. KliQ is working with Arc-en-Ciel Wallonie and The Belgian Pride to ensure that diversity and inclusion in the workplace do not remain a dead letter. We do not allow participation for purely commercial reasons.

Conditions for participation

In addition to subscribing to the charter of The Belgian Pride, companies now have to fill in the inclusion scan. On the basis of the scan, KliQ draws up an opinion and The Belgian Pride decides whether a company can participate. The completion of the scan is a condition for possible participation, not a guarantee. Only companies that meet the minimum requirements in terms of diversity and inclusion policy are eligible.


The deadline for participation in The Belgian Pride 2020 is 20 March 2020. If you submit your application after 20 March 2020, you automatically submit your application for participation in The Belgian Pride 2021. These deadlines and conditions apply to all companies (including companies that are members of KliQ).

Go to the Inclusion Scan and get started!

The companies and organizations that signed the inclusion charter of KliQ and Vlerick Business School